Bubbleball Fotball
Try something hillarious with your friend.
It's more safe than regular fotball since
you allways land on the plastic balls.
Play bubbleballs

Try our crazy Bubbleballs!
Perfect activity for groups and friends.
Simple and lots of fun.

As fotball but funnier!
All players have a big plastic ball on their upper body.
It's equally important to be able to tackle as it is to dribble.
Since you always land on the ball that's really soft it's
very safe and less likly to get injured than in normal fotball.

This is included!
You come to us for a short instruction of rules etc.
Balls, goals and pump is included and is pick up at Jogersö beach.
Terms: Minimum 140 cm, no back or neck injury, not pregnant and sober.

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Try waterroller

Try our waterroller!
Run, role and laugh with your kids in a huge treadmill.
In our waterroller there is room for 3 persons, which makes it
a great family activity, where you have a fun time together.

Simple and fun!
In the huge roller you can just climb in and start to run.
Since you can all do it together it makes it even more fun.
The roller is attached to the main land so it's completly safe.

Family offer!
You have full use of our roller during 30 minutes.
Price 500 Sek for up to 5 people, adults and children.
Terms: Minimum 4 years old, no back or neck injury, not pregnant and sober.

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Kayak Sauna Dinner

Kayak Sauna Dinner!
Enjoy this perfect combination of a nature activity
that ends with a relaxing sauna and a tasty dinner.

Rent kayak or book a guied tour!
Choose to kayak on you own or let us create a guided tour for you.
After the kayaking you walk 100 meters to Jogersö Restaurang.
Where a warm Sauna and nice meal is waiting for you.

This is included!
Alt 1: Kayakrent 1 day with lunch and snacks, sauna and dinner.
Alt 2: 3 hours guided tour inkl snacks, sauna and dinner.
All kayak equipment, safety briefing and start up help.

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Book an activity
We have existed since 2006 and have created lots of events for different groups.
Please contact us in advance with you desire, so we can make it happen
at +4670-644 9776 or info@kajakochfritid.se
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