Enjoy our beautiful archipelago
Experience and Passion!
We have created tours and events since 2006 for different groups.
At the same time we have followed our heart and included
all that we are passionate about.
Enjoy our beautiful archipelago
Highway to the archipelago!
It's easy to get to us with car or by Ryanair.
We are located one hour south from Stockholm by car.
From Stockholm Skavsta airport you reach us in about 30 min.

How to get to Kajak & Fritid!
Visiting adress:               GPS coordinates:
Jogersövägen                   X 6505416
613 51 Oxelösund          Y 1572425 RT90

With Car: From E4 Nyköping to Oxelösund
Follow the highway to the exit: Ramdalen
Follow the signs to Jogersö Havsbad.
Walk to the water from the parkinglot.

By Ryanair: To Stockholm skavsta airport
Take a Bus to Nyköping Busstation and then follow the instructions bellow.

With Bus: 715 från Nyköpings Busstation
till Jogersövägen. Gå sista biten ca 1,6 km.

Turisttaxi: from Oxelösundscentrum
to Jogersö 25 Sek/person. Call: +4615 521 7500

Enjoy our beautiful archipelago
Eat & Sleep close to the archipelago!
Walk to Jogersö Restaurant 100 meters from our rental.
Sleep in comfortable Cottages at Jogersö Camping.
There is also hotels and hostels nearby.

Kayak and Cottage

Kayak & Cottage
Great nature experiences and comfortable accommodation.
Inside you find a refrigerator and cooking facilities.
Doublekayak 48 hours and a cottage night for 2100 Sek.

Kajak o tält paket

Kayak & Campoffer
Experience a wonderful nature adventure in the archipelago.
All camping gear is included, with comfortable sleeping mats.
Doublekayak and campgear for 2 persons 48 hours 2100 Sek.

Camping stugor

Jogersö Camping
Stay in newly renovated cottages at Jogersö Camping.
From the cottages it's around 200 meters to the beach.
The cottages has 2-4 beds and cost from 890 Sek.

Kajak o tält paket

Jogersö Restaurant
The Restaurant is located 150 meters from the beach.
Here you can buy a nice meal and some snacks.
Book our kayak, sauna and dinner offer for 950 Sek.

Camping stugor

Visit Oxelösund
Go to the official tourist site for Oxelösund.
Here you find activities, accommodation and restaurants.
Read more here

Kayak and cottage

Cottages in the archipelago
Rent a cottage in the archipelago. Kayak there and
stay on an Island from where you can make daytours.
Contact us for more information.

Enjoy the best things to see in Oxelosund with a plan including Kajak och Fritid
We know kayaking
We have existed since 2006 and have created lots of courses, tours and events.
When you come to us we will help you to choose a suitable kayak, adjust footrests etc.
Please contact us in advance since we are often out on tours,
at +4670-644 9776 or info@kajakochfritid.se

Kayak ang Campgear
Capingoffer for 2

Campoffer for 2!
In our peaceful archipelago you can often find your
own beautiful Island where you can make your camp.
Please be respectful to other people and the nature.

Add more people or a guide!
Contact us if you want to rent the gear for a longer time.
Add more people or add a guide for a short or longer time.
The guide will increase the safety and can give you tips.

This is included!
One double kayak plus all kayak and camping equipment.
You also get a safety briefing and start up help.
48 hours of rent for two is included.

Book here