Glamping = Luxurious camping!
Come and enjoy our spacious Jurt where there is room for 4 persons.
Through the big skylight you can watch the sky in the night.
It's located 200 meters from the beach.
Stay in our Jurt

Stay in a magical round Jurt!
In Mongolia these round buildings are sacred.
Enjoy a unforgattable holiday 200 meters from the beach.

Enchanting feeling
The round room creates an enchanting feeling.
The Jurt has wounderful big windows and a fantastic skylight.
From the Jurt there is walking distance to Jogersö restaurant.

This is included!
In our Jurt you find a dubblebed and a sofa bed for two.
Refrigerator, cooking facilities, water boiler and a coffee machine.
At the campsite you find toilets, showers and a sauna for rent.

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Bo i vår Jurta

Kayak & Jurt
Experience our beautiful archipelago in the daytime.
In the evening you come back to enjoy our magical Jurt.

Close to the nature, close to the heart
From our Jurt it's 200 meters down to the kayakrental.
Combine a great nature activity with a cozy accomodation.
The Jurt has a refrigerator and cooking facilities.

This is included!
Kayaks for 2 days or kayaks 1 day and SUP boards 1 day.
One night in our bautiful Jurt on Jogersö Camping.
Add a breakfast basket, dinner or sauna.

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Book our Jurt
Specify which days you want to rent the Jurt.
How many people that want to stay there.
If you want to book kayaks as well.