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Experiences that enrich your life!

It's in the meeting with our self and our environment that we have a chance to grow. The Nature is a fantastic place to find the stillness, adventure or maybe the beauty that takes us away from our everyday life and give us a chance to experience something bigger.

From us you can go directly into our beautiful archipelago where you can slide without a sound and become one with the surrounding nature. We also offer lots of tours where you can grow within.

CALENDAR 2017: See pdf

-------JUNE 2017-------
18 Kayak Yoga Gong 13-18
20-21 Course 17-20
25 Kayak & Gong 13-18
-------JULY 2017-------
4-5 Course 17-20
15 Daytour 13-16
18-19 Course 17-20
20 Kayak Yoga Gong 14-20
29 Daytour 13-16
30 Kayak Yoga Gong 11-17
-------AUGUSTI 2017-------
4-6/7 Mindfull Tenttour
20 Kayak Yoga Gong 11-17
27 Kayak Yoga Gong 13-18